Parole de Chilou ...

Autumn is here, come next winter, and spring, summer and finally SWOB, as saying that tomorrow is not it?

The fourth edition of this unconventional event comes with even more surprises ....

Since the beginning of the adventure, work team to offer you a unique event each year with some more news, and this will be the case again this year, TRUST ME !!!! Word of Chilou.

First quality will still await you since we have the cream of the crop, champions among champions, all to guarantee a week on the island of Ré Rivedoux-Plage labeled CBC.

Want SWOBER your life, you really want to swob your life, so come and join us.

Artistic plateau "melting poté" They are there from the beginning, true ambassadors of swob, they return to their colony "Belgyonnaise" Olivier Massart et Virginie Massart , followed by the master of the "E-MAX Concept ', you know that crazy routine 8H worked in the form of choreography workshop for all levels;-) j 'I nomméMaxence Martin and Emeline Rochefeuille.

And that's not all, the west coast swing is being exported to Togo;-) Adj Bro will be present, west indies will be in place as Sully as Celine will be there along with Alexandre Biesse worthy representatives of the Limousin, as of all-stars in SWOB, it will swing. The ever talented young Kh Alifa David will be there as from the beginning accompanied deCamille Fumanal-ulysse, it's introduction.

For the Caribbean, always on top of the top for years and present swob since the beginning of the adventure SalsAlianza Terry and Cecile Ovide C'Style Art, with between another special dance Bachata workshop for you to enter their world, it promises ..... their company is the revelation of the last few years, Mary Cazorla and Damien Cheret will be back, and the birth of "Maria y sus Bailadores" should allow all women "search technique, styling and femininity" to navigate .dropoff window

The famous courses insured by Cuban and Puerto Rican Salsa Tissmé etSylvain LC and Anne-Laure Humbert will still be present for beginners wishing to move forward with a true evolution of the week.

Factors X Agnes Coppey Full and Guillaume Lorentz will be there too, Ragga Jam Salsa (Official) and Hip-hop, and you can discover the "Lorentz Project", a concept which should please you;-)

The plate will not stop there, the great family of the West will be there too, since you can find El Salvador Gallardo Ludo PadrinoHicham El Maliki Mike Vi levers for turntables ... and more to come .. ..dropoff window

In west coast swing Laurent Vasquez aka Gbl Wcs Channel will be there also accompanied deDj Phetsana and CY aka Dj Cyril.

As usual you can experience the famous cruise with a lot of news to discover the island of Aix, an all inclusive cruise;-)

But in 2015 it will be especially SWOB "DANCE WITH SWOBERS", you want to participate in a competition, a Compete where you can dance with a teacher from one of three categories: west coast swing, ragga, hip hop, and salsa, it suffice you to register for a chance to be randomly selected to work in private lessons with one of our certified teachers CBC, and then go on stage on the day, all under the watchful eye of a jury selected by Don Padrino, to win an all-inclusive week in 2016.

2014 that was it ....

You understood the SWOB 2015 is going to be a killer, and everything will be done to keep the Label CBC

So Swob Just Come To Your Life